Coach Tours Western Australia

Travel Western Australia in Comfort

The great state of Western Australia (WA) is abundant with astonishing natural geographical attractions, bringing visitors from all over Australia and beyond. At ATG Downunder, our friendly team of local coach captains provide knowledge and expert commentary whilst you’re roaming onboard our coach tours through Western Australia (WA).

Proudly part of the Australian Transit Group (ATG), ATG Downunder can provide more resources and vehicles when required, to guarantee your experience with us is incredible.

Our Tours

At ATG Downunder we have developed a variety of tours throughout Western Australia. You’re spoilt for choice when planning your journey to travel the outback onboard our coaches. If you’re unsure which tour to choose, reach out to our friendly team to discuss locations and attractions you’d like to see, and which ATG Downunder tour will be perfect for you.

Why Choose Us:


The Goldfields

Visit the Goldfields with ATG Downunder and explore the region where fortune seekers of the 19th century gathered in hopes of striking it rich!

Located 7.5 hours from Perth, Western Australia’s Goldfields Region is an amazing tour destination, and our team at ATG Downunder can get you there. Our friendly, local coach captains will entertain you along your journey with expert knowledge of the region and visits to historic sites along the way.

Coral Coast

Beginning 2 hours north of Perth in Cervantes, the Coral Coast runs 1,100 kilometres north to Exmouth, boasting breathtaking white sand beaches, pristine coral reefs and marine life, and WA’s colourful, vibrant wildflowers.

ATG Downunder transports explorers on their journey from Perth up the Coral Coast, sharing the knowledge and experience of this unique, spectacular region. Visit locations such as Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, and Kalbarri onboard ATG Downunder’s coachline.

Wave Rock

14 metres high and 110 meters long, Wave Rock is a stunning geographical attraction in Western Australia, popular with locals and visitors alike. Formed over 2,700 million years ago, this unique attraction is located just 4 hours from Perth, beyond the small rural town of Hyden.

Along your journey you will visit historical locations, including the famous Darling Ranges, and charming small rural towns throughout WA. Experience the outback of Western Australia with ATG Downunder.

Great Southern Region

The Great Southern Region is well-known for an abundance of extraordinary national parks, stunning wineries, and picturesque forest and coastal views. A popular region for weddings, the Great Southern Region boasts serene beauty unlike anywhere else in the world.

The town of Albany, located 5 hours from Perth, is the hub of the region. Offering visitors an insight into WA’s history, you can learn about the humble beginnings of early colonists, visit the immersive National ANZAC Centre, and take in breathtaking geographical wonders.

The Pinnacles

Located approx. 200 kilometres north of Perth, the Pinnacles of Nambung National Park are a popular attraction for travellers. These remarkable structures were formed over 25,000 years ago when the receding ocean and coastal winds combined to form unique limestone pillars.

ATG Downunder transports passengers from Perth up the Coral Coast to marvel at the Pinnacles. As an easy day trip, our friendly, experienced coach captains will have you back in Perth before the day is out.


Perth, the vibrant capital city of Western Australia. Known for its art, culture, and spectacular events, Perth is a fantastic destination for holidaymakers, overseas travellers, and locals seeking adventure. For breathtaking sunsets you won’t forget, a visit to one of Perth’s many white sand beaches is highly recommended.

Our friendly team at ATG Downunder can discuss the locations you’d like to visit and help you plan your journey to experience the best Perth has to offer.

South West

The South West Region is the ultimate get-away destination in Western Australia. Mouth-watering food, world-renowned wine, and stunning scenery are just a few of the amazing aspects of the South West of WA.

ATG Downunder visits popular coastal towns along your tour, including Busselton, Dunsborough, and the beloved Margaret River. Our local, knowledgeable coach captains provide information about the region along your journey to these stunning locations.

Wildflowers of Western Australia

From July through November, Western Australia is a spectacle of vibrant colours with over 12,000 plant species flourishing the landscape. The wildflowers of WA span many regions from the Pilbara in the north, to Albany and Esperance on the south coast.

At ATG Downunder, we have tours available to visit a variety of wildflower locations in Western Australia. For the environmental enthusiast, a visit to Perth’s Kings Park is also highly recommended.